Handmade Alphabet Chart - Green – Seepi
Alphabet Chart - Green in colour. And with pockets for each alphabet
Alphabet Chart - Green
Alphabet Chart - Green
Alphabet Chart - Green
Alphabet Chart - Green

Alphabet Chart - Green

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This chart was created by the talented artisans at a fair trade organization which has worked towards developing craft communities so that their skills and creativity find expression, recognition, and fulfillment.

Each chart has 26 pockets for 26 alphabets. Each pocket contains a toy representing the alphabet.

NOTE: This chart is handsewn. All the toys inside the chart are handcrafted and may carry slight variations in colours and prints. We believe in celebrating the imperfect beauty of handmade goods. Therefore, slight imperfections such as an irregular weave or print or a stitch aren't viewed as defects. 

  • Dimensions(inches): 28" x 19"(Height x Width)


Alphabet Alphabet Alphabet
A - Apple B - Butterfly C - Cat
D - Duck E - Elephant F - Fish
G - Giraffe H - Hen I - Ice Cream
J - Joker K - Kite L - Lion
M - Mushroom N - Nymph(A mythological spirit of nature.) O - Owl
P - Pig Q - Queen R - Rabbit
S - Sun T - Turtle U - Umbrella
V - Van W - Wreath X - Xmas Tree
Y - Yatch Z - Zebra